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Archives: June 4, 2014

Exp38 & Exp39 emblems in japanese JEM module (photo)

Эмблемы 38 и 39 экспедиций в японском модуле JEM

Exp38 & Exp39 emblems in japanese JEM module

Space Kaleidoscope (photo)

Космический калейдоскоп

Children sent kaleidoscopes to ISS to look as they work in space. Very amusing pictures. We sit… we look…

New Zealand, The South Island (photo)

Остров Южный, Новая Зеландия

The South Island or Te Waipounamu is the larger of the two major islands of New Zealand, the other being the more populous North Island. It is bordered to the north by Cook Strait, to the west by the Tasman Sea, to the south and east by the Pacific Ocean. The South Island covers 150,437 […]

Experiment “BAR” (photo)

Эксперимент БАР

Next Experiment of BAR on June 3. It is usually carried out together, but today I carry out measurements one – it is necessary to find, be recorded, measure, to note time, to write down time and to photograph a measurement zone. Measurements are carried out to Transitional Compartment service module “Zvezda”. Experiment BAR – Development of […]

Wildfires. June 2014 (photo)

Лесные пожары

Wildfires in Australia, Kakadu National Park, South Alligator River. Wildfires in South Africa.

ISS from a Window (photo)

Вид на станцию из иллюминатора