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Experiment Cosmocard (фото)

Эксперимент Космокард

Experiment Cosmocard – Study of the effect of space flight factors on electrophysiological characteristics of myocardium and their relation to vegetative blood circulation regulation processes in conditions of long-duration weightlessness. see more >>

April, 22 – Earth Day (photo)

22 Апреля - День Земли

Today is EarthDay! We should never stop caring for the planet we inhabit.

Experiment “Konstanta-2” (photo)

Эксперимент Константа-2

Experiment “Konstanta -2” – Studying the effect of spaceflight factors on the isolated ferment-substrate systems. see more >>

Space Sushi (photo)

Космическое суши

Norishige Kanai showed us how to make Sushi. Yes, it was fun!

Flight over Lake Balkhash, Kazakhstan (photo)

Пролетаем над озером Балхаш

DAN Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент Дан

Purpose: The aim of the experiment is to determine the relationship between changes in pressure in the carotid artery caused by redistribution of blood in the upper half of the body in weightlessness, and changes in sensitivity of the central respiratory mechanism (CRM). see more >>

Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek Islands (photo)

Остров Крит - один из самых популярных европейских курортов

Тотальный диктант-2018 на МКС (фото)

Тотальный диктант-2018 на МКС

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The Celebration of Cosmonautics Day and my Daughter’s 7-month on the ISS (photo)

Празднование 12 апреля и 7 месяцев моей дочки Анфисы на МКС

Cosmonautics Day! (video)

Space Ice Cream (photo)

Космическое мороженое

SpaceX Dragon cargo ship delivered ice cream to the International Space Station. Delicious!

Congratulations recording (photo)

Запись поздравлений

Congratulations recording Congratulations recording for “Retro FM” Congratulations recording by Cosmonautics Day

“Fazoperehod’ (“Phase Transition”) Space Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент Фазопереход

“Fazoperehod’ (“Phase Transition”) Space Experiment “Fazoperehod’ (“Phase Transition”) Space Experiment is run on board the “Progress-M” cargo transport vehicle being a part of the ISS. The purpose of “Fazoperehod” is to determine performance specifications of heat pipes in the orbital operational environment. Heat pipes themselves are components of heat transfer elements (HTE), which also include […]

Happy Easter! (photo)

Вот такой праздничный стол у нас сегодня

Сylinder Replacement for Flame Extinguishment Experiment (photo)

Замена баллона для эксперимента "Диффузионное пламя"

Сylinder Replacement for Experiment Difusion Flame Experiment Difusion Flame Objective: Obtaining high-precision experimental data for studying laminar diffusion flame in the concurrent stream of fuel and oxidizer. Tasks: Experimental study of the properties of diffusion flame of methane and ethane in the concurrent stream of air under microgravity conditions. Obtaining data about the shape of […]

Work on ISS. Communication Panel Test in the Lock-Chamber (photo)

Проверка пульта связи в шлюзовом отсеке СО1

Greenhouse (photo)


Docking SpaceX Dragon to ISS (фото)

Стыковка SpaceX Dragon с МКС


Dragon is getting ready to be captured (photo)

Dragon на подлете

Profilaktika-2 Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент Профилактика 2

Profilaktika-2 Experiment – Investigation of mechanisms of action and effectiveness of different physical exercise modes in long-term SF conditions on the state of general and physical performance of cosmonauts. see moore >> Anton is examined. I Take Blood Test. Now, we’ve changed

The cosmic onion. Part 2.

Продолжаем оранжерейное дело. Часть 2.

The cosmic Onion. Part 2. Green Onions in 2014

The first Hairstyle in an Orbit (photo)

Первая стрижка на орбите

The first Hairstyle in an Orbit

Experiment “Calcium” (photo)

Первая сессия эксперимента Кальций

Experiment “Calcium” more (rus)…

Отчет по работе экипажа МКС-55 за 100/6 сутки полёта 27.03.2018 г.

Отчет по работе экипажа МКС-55 за 100/6 сутки полёта 27.03.2018 г.

Программа суток: выполнена полностью. Дополнительно: КЭ – фото и видеосъемка для Роскосмоса – 60 мин. БИ1 – фото и видеосъемка для Роскосмоса – 60 мин. Выполнено: подготовка ТГК «Прогресс МС-07» к расстыковке: профилактика механизмов герметизации крышки люка АСП СО1 и крышки люка АСА ТГК «Прогресс МС‑07» – замечаний нет, посторонних предметов не обнаружено; расконсервация ТГК «Прогресс […]

New 55th season of ISS Space Travel (photo)

We have waited for this moment for 15 years! (photo)

Эту встречу мы ждали 15 лет!

We have waited for this moment for 15 years!

Space Chewing Gum (photo)

Космическая жевательная резинка

Work on ISS. Ecosphere (MO-21) Checking (photo)

Проверка экосферы на МКС

Ecosphere’s Equipment (MO-21) Checking.

Measuring the Cosmonaut’s Weight on the ISS (photo)

Измерение веса на МКС

Interview to Russia Today TV Channel (photo, video)

Видеоинтервью для Russia Touday 17 ноября 2014 г.

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