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Flying over the Planet (video)

Над Землёй

The ISS flies over the Galapagos, Costa Rica and Cuba (video)

МКС пролетает над Галапагосами, Коста-Рикой и Кубой

Flying over the Bolivia, South America (video)


Contrails of Aircraft //View from Space// (видео)

Инверсионные следы самолётов //Вид из космоса//

ISS flies over the Black and Caspian Seas //Turkey, Crimea, Krasnodar Krai, Caucasus, Volga// (видео)

МКС пролетает над Чёрным и Каспийским морями //Турция, Крым, Краснодарский край, Кавказ, Волга//

Пролетаем над Австралией (видео)

Пролетаем над Австралией

Over the Turkey and Iran (video)

Над Турцией и Ираном

Fly over the Greece (видео)

МКС пролетает над Грецией

ISS is approaching Florida (video)


Пролетаем над Боливией, Южная Америка //Вид из космоса// (видео)


ISS flies over the California //View from Space// (video)


We fly over Portugal and Spain. Pyrenees. (video)


Why are there no stars visible in space photography and video footage from the ISS? (video)

Пролетаем над ночной Землёй

The question is often asked – why are the stars not visible in the photos and videos from space? This is due to the peculiarity of the work of photo and video equipment and photosensitive materials – photographic film (in the old technique) and photosensitive matrices in modern digital cameras and cameras. In the video, […]

Over the Malvinas Islands. South America. (video)

Landing of the crew of the 67th long-term expedition to the ISS. September 29, 2022. (video)

Приземление экипажа 67-ой длительной экспедиции на МКС

ISS flies over the Argentina. South America. (video)

Пролетаем над Аргентиной. Южная Америка.

ISS flies over the USA (video)

МКС пролетает над США

ISS flies over China and the Far East (video)

МКС пролетает на Китаем и Дальним Востоком

Forest Fires in Brazil //August 2022// (video)

Лесные пожары в Бразилии

A Minute over the Far East – Nakhodka and Vladivostok (video)

Посёлок Береговой, Дальний Восток

Beregovoy Village, Far East

Fly over the Patagonia. South America. (фото)


Download big pictures:

Flying over the Planet… (video)

Пролетая над планетой

We fly over the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers // View from Space // (video)

Пролетаем над реками Тигр и Евфрат

We fly over the Africa (video)

We fly over the Lakes of Tibet (video)

We fly over Israel (video)

Летим над Израилем

Fly over New Zealand (video)

Пролетаем над Актау, Казахстан

Happy Cosmonautics Day! (video)

Пролетаем над Актау, Казахстан

Dear Friends! Today our country and the whole world are celebrating a special jubilee Day of Cosmonautics! Exactly 60 years ago, on April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin entered world history forever as the first cosmonaut of the planet, having flown on the Vostok spacecraft! Its flight lasted 1 hour 48 minutes – this time was […]

Flying over the Aktau, Kazakhstan (video)

Пролетаем над Актау, Казахстан

Forest Fires in the Mountains (video)

Лесные пожары в горах