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We fly over the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers // View from Space // (video)

Пролетаем над реками Тигр и Евфрат

Amur is a River in the Far East in East Asia (photo)

Амур — река на Дальнем Востоке в Восточной Азии

Cupid flows through the territory of Russia and the border of Russia with China. Amur is distinguished by a diversity of ichthyofauna. ~ 111-140 species and subspecies of fish belonging to the five faunal ichthyocomplexes live here and only 36 of them are of commercial importance. Along with typical species, representatives of the “Chinese” and […]

Over the Egypt. Egyptian Pyramids (photo)

Над Египтом. Египетские пирамиды

Nile and Sinai Peninsula Delta of Nile Pyramids of Giza Pyramids of the Dahshur necropolis

Fly over the Egypt (video)

Летим над Нилом

ISS over the river Nile, the Egyptian Pyramids and Suez Canal

Fly over Central Azia – Aral, Balhash, Baikonur, Issyk-Kul (video)

Летим над Средней Азией

Over Amur River (фото)

Над Амуром

Border Autumn and Winter. Delta of the river Santa Cruz, Argentina (photo)

На границе осени и зимы. Дельта реки Санта Крус, Аргентина

Canyonlands National Park, USA (photo)

Национальный парк Каньонлендс , США

Green River

Volga River Delta (photo)

Дельта Волги

Lower Reaches of Volga River (photo)

Над дельтой Волги

Tres Marias Reservoir, Brazil (photo)

Водохранилище Трес-Мариас, Бразилия

Senegal River, Africa (photo)

Река Серегал, Западная Африка

Madre de Dios River, Bolivia (photo)

Река Мадре-де-Дьос, Боливия

Winter Delta of the Rio Santa Cruz, Argentina (photo)

Зимняя дельта реки Санта Круз, Аргентина

Santa Cruz River (Spanish: Río Santa Cruz) is a river in the Argentine province of Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz begins at the shore of the Viedma and Argentino Lakes.

Don River Delta (photo)

Дельта Дона

Flying over Amazon River. West of Brazil (photo)

Над Амазонкой. Запад Бразилии

Amu Darya River (photo)

Река Амударья

Delta of the Ural in the Caspian Sea (photo)

Урало - Каспийский канал

Euphrates River on the Border of Syria and Iraq (photo)

Река Евфрат на границе Сирии и Ирака