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Our Spacewalk August 17, 2022 //Timelapse// (video)

Checking Nanosatellites (photo)

Проверка наноспутников

First Photos from the Boeing Starliner – Selfie with Rosie Rocketeer (photo)

Селфи с Рози Рокетир

Selfie with Rosie Rocketeer Weightlessness indicator

Our Spacewalk April 28, 2022 //Timelapse// (video)

Video gift from NASA astronaut Kayla Barron.

Changed Cabins //How Cosmonauts sleep// (video)

A month ago, after seeing how ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer looked with admiration at our cabins with a porthole, he invited him to sleep in it, and he happily agreed to change for a couple of nights before flying back to Earth. I spent two nights in Columbus (the ISS module commissioned by EKA) and […]

First dinner on the American segment of the ISS (photo)

Первый совместный ужин на американском сегменте МКС

Installing new Scales on the ISS (video)

Установка новых весов на МКС

How to get your own haircut on the ISS? // Life on the International Space Station // (video)

Adjusting the Spacesuit for Height before going into Space (video)

Подгонка скафандра по росту перед Выходом в Космос

Collective Typhoon observation (video)

Коллективное наблюдение за тайфуном

Closing the ISS hatch before the Russian crew exits into space (video)

Закрытие люка МКС перед выходом российского экипажа в космос

The process of closing the hatch between the ISS and the exit compartment before the Russian crew exits into outer space.

Shift Transfer to the new Crew in the Russian Segment of the ISS (video)

Процесс передачи смены новому экипажу в российском сегменте МКС

Oсtober 03, 2018 Shift Transfer to the new Crew in the Russian Segment of the ISS.

Concert in Orbit (video)

Концерт на орбите

The crew of the 56th long-term expedition to the ISS is performing Oleg Mityaev’s song “It’s great that we are all gathered here today!”

The longest route at the ISS (New HD video)

Самый длинный маршрут на МКС

New High Definition Video Version with english Subtitles Old Version of the Video with previous Comments.

Rations during the flight to the ISS (video)

Паёк на время полёта к МКС

Rations during the flight to the ISS.

ISS Space toilet (HD video)

Космический туалет на МКС

New High Definition Video Version with english Subtitles Old Version of the Video with previous Comments

Happy Easter, dear friends!

Вот такой праздничный стол у нас сегодня

Two years ago (April 8, 2018), @anton_astrey and I celebrated this holiday at the International Space Station. We had a video call with our families and friends and ate traditional Easter food. Now, in conditions, not everyone has the opportunity to celebrate Easter with their family. But, you can imagine that you are on a […]

Grand tour of the International Space Station with Drew and Luca (video)

Самая детальная экскурсия по МКС

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano and NASA astronaut Drew Morgan take you on a unique tour of the International Space Station shot in one take with two cameras strapped together. Luca and Drew take it in turns to guide you through the modules and spacecraft docked to the orbital outpost. Starting from the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft […]

August 25. On Drew’s Birthday… (video)

25 августа. На Дне Рождения командира МКС Эндрю Фьюстела

On Drew’s (Andrew Jay Feustel) birthday we set a new outer space record – 6 people in a crew cabin

The first Tennis Tournament at the ISS (video)

Первый теннисный турнир на МКС

Participants: Oleg Artemyev, Sergey Prokopyev, Alexander Gerst, Andrew J. Feustel

After Spacewalk – American Container with a Food (video)

После выхода в космос - Американский контейнер с питанием

First Part Second Part

Interim Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) (video)

ARED - Силовой тренажер на МКС

Breakfast before EVA (photo, video)

Завтрак перед выходом в космос

Space Toilet (video)

Космический туалет на МКС

Space toilet on the ISS More info: Space Toilet Case in a Space Toilet (photo)

Bonus Container of “Preference Food” (photo)

Бонусные контейнеры с дополнительным набором продуктов

We always get one “bonus” container a month which can consist of anything you want that does not require refrigeration.

Measuring the Cosmonaut’s Weight on the ISS (photo, video)

Процедура взвешивания космонавтов на МКС

Ice Cream on the ISS 2 (photo)

Мороженое на МКС

Dragon cargo raft brought some ice cream and tangerines to the ISS. We were very pleased to receive such delicious gifts from Serena.

Change of bed linen on the ISS (video)

Смена постельного белья на МКС

New Russian film «Decision: Liquidation» (photo)

Просмотр фильма «Решение о ликвидации»

Our traditional Space Station movie night. We watched a new Russian film «Decision: Liquidation».

Space Toilet (фото)

Космический туалет

Своеобразный “букет” – замена мочеприемника в АСУ (ассенизационно-санитарном устройстве).