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«Soyuz-FG» Launch Vehicle

Ракета-носитель «Союз-ФГ»

“Soyuz-FG” launch vehicle is intended for injection of automatic spacecraft for national economy, scientific research (“Resurs-F1”, “Resurs-F2”, “Foton” spacecraft) and spacecraft for special purposes (“Kosmos”-series satellites) as well as manned and cargo spaceships according to the program of the International Space Station.

In contrast to “Soyuz-U” launch vehicle modernized engines with heightened specific thrust on units of the 1-st and the 2-nd stages, developed for “Soyuz-2” launch vehicle, are used for “Soyuz-FG” launch vehicle for increasing load-carrying capacity.

“Soyuz-FG” launch vehicle can be equipped with nose fairing of the following diameters: 2,7 m; 3,0 m; 3,3 m; 3,715 m.

The confirmed serviceability index of “Soyuz-FG” launch vehicle – 0, 985.