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Grand tour of the International Space Station with Drew and Luca (video)

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano and NASA astronaut Drew Morgan take you on a unique tour of the International Space Station shot in one take with two cameras strapped together. Luca and Drew take it in turns to guide you through the modules and spacecraft docked to the orbital outpost.

Starting from the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft that bought Drew to the Space Station, the duo show each module and spacecraft docked with the International Space Station at the time it was recorded around the New Year 2020. Passing colleagues include NASA astronaut Jessica Meir and Christina Koch exercising and Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Skripochka.

This is the first tour of the International Space Station with two astronauts presenting and the first done in a single take.

At the time of recording three supply vehicles were docked, the Russian Progress MS-13, Space-X’s Dragon-19 and Northrup Grumman’s Cygnus-12, as well as two astronaut vehicles the Soyuz MS-15 and Soyuz MS-13.

The map overlay graphic erroneously shows the future Nauka module instead of Pirs. The Russian Multipurpose Laboratory Module Nauka is planned for launch in the future and will replace Pirs, but we put it on the map already.

Skip to specific modules or features such as the toilets using the timestamps below:

00:00:06 Soyuz MS-15
00:04:53 Zvezda service module
00:08:01 Pirs
00:09:27 Mini Research Module-2 (MRM-2)
00:10:30 Soyuz MS-13
00:11:44 MRM-2
00:12:27 Progress
00:13:19 Functional Cargo Block (FGB)
00:07:12 Mini Research Module-1 (MRM-1)
00:19:36 Pressurised Mating Adapter
00:20:42 Node-1 Unity
00:22:46 Northrup Grumman Cygnus-12
00:27:32 Quest Airlock
00:29:27 Node-3 Tranquility
00:30:58 T2 Treadmill
00:31:17 Toilet
00:33:38 Cupola at night
00:34:11 Permanent Multipurpose Module Leonardo (PMM)
00:36:42 US laboratory Destiny
00:37:45 Robotics station for Canadarm2
00:38:40 Exercise bike
00:42:21 Node-2 Harmony
00:44:40 Space X Dragon
00:46:35 European laboratory Columbus
00:49:53 Japanese laboratory Kibo
00:56:17 Space Station fly through
01:00:43 Cupola daytime
01:04:27 Goodbye from Cupola