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Changed Cabins //How Cosmonauts sleep// (video)

A month ago, after seeing how ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer looked with admiration at our cabins with a porthole, he invited him to sleep in it, and he happily agreed to change for a couple of nights before flying back to Earth. I spent two nights in Columbus (the ISS module commissioned by EKA) and […]

Installing new Scales on the ISS (video)

Установка новых весов на МКС

How to get your own haircut on the ISS? // Life on the International Space Station // (video)

Concert in Orbit (video)

Концерт на орбите

The crew of the 56th long-term expedition to the ISS is performing Oleg Mityaev’s song “It’s great that we are all gathered here today!”

How to weigh an Cosmonaut? (video)

Как взвесить космонавта?

The Process of Weighing an Cosmonaut in Zero Gravity on the ISS using a Mass Meter.

How Astronauts brush their Teeth on the ISS (video)

Как чистят зубы на МКС

How Astronauts brush their Teeth on the ISS

Breakfast before EVA (video HD)

Завтрак перед ВКД - как питаются космонавты

Replacing Solid Waste Container in the Toilet – how to go to the Toilet in Space (video)

Замена КТО в туалете - как ходят в туалет в космосе

How Cosmonauts sleep on the ISS (video)

Как космонавты спят на МКС

Work on the ISS – installation of protective curtains against radiation in a personal cabin (video)

Установка защитных шторок от радиации в личной каюте МКС

Experiment Matryoshka-R – Study of Cosmic Rays on ISS Russian Segment more details – https://www.energia.ru/en/iss/researches/medic/33.html

ISS Space toilet (HD video)

Космический туалет на МКС

New High Definition Video Version with english Subtitles Old Version of the Video with previous Comments

Zero Gravity Magnet on the ISS (video)


Haircut on the ISS (photo, video)

Стрижка на МКС

I make a haircut for my friend Sergey Prokopyev on board the ISS. We use hair clippers fashioned with a vacuum device to garner freshly cut hair.

After Spacewalk – American Container with a Food (video)

После выхода в космос - Американский контейнер с питанием

First Part Second Part

Space Toilet (video)

Космический туалет на МКС

Space toilet on the ISS More info: Space Toilet Case in a Space Toilet (photo)

Happy Easter! (photo)

Вот такой праздничный стол у нас сегодня

Life at the ISS – The Individual hygiene Means (photo)

Индивидуальные средства гигиены

Space shampoos (photo)

Космические шампуни

Space shampoos: russian “Aelita” & american “No Rinse” detail