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One more private Conference (photo)

Еженедельная приватная конференция

Family is always close (photo)

Семья всегда рядом

Last Sunday one more private family conference (photo)

Очередная приватка с семьёй

Private family conference with the cosvonaut Tarelkin’s family.

Space food. (video)

Космическая еда. Меню для итальянки

The menu for the Italian (rus) Food for Cosmonauts (rus)

Successors of the greenhouse business (photo)

Продолжатели оранжереи

Our american partners temporarily suspended greenhouse experiment. But we continue and already grew up a green onions.

Bonuses before the Spacewalk (фото)

Бонусы перед выходом в космос

Before Spacewalk we got a pleasant Bonuses.

Morning on ISS (photo)

Утро. Подъём!

Breakfast with Sunbeam (photo)

Завтрак с солнечным зайчиком

Sunbeam from Maxim Surayev’s cabin

Work on ISS. Working out of medical operations skills for responsible person (photo)

Отработка навыков ответственного за мед. операции

Working out of medical operations skills for responsible person. The equipment can be used in emergency situations at risk for crew life. For skills ensuring each crew member carries out viewing of materials on the equipment monthly. It needs to do within an hour.

Gifts from the Earth (photo)

Подарки с Земли

The Soyuz TMA-13M brought to us gifts from Earth The inscriptions on the boxes: at the left – sausages, caviar, onions on the right – apples, oranges

May 27 was the Russian Library Day (photo)

27 мая был общероссийский День Библиотек

May 27 was the Russian Library Day. At station there is a small library, collected over 14 years of flight by different crews. There are artistic and technical literature, as well as have a large digital library that can be read on the iPAD

May 28, Day of the Border Guards on ISS (photo)

28 мая - День Пограничника на МКС

The ISS crew congratulates all Border Guards with their professional holiday! Holiday breakfast on the Day of the Border Guard and the arrival of a new crew to the ISS.

Space shampoos (photo)

Космические шампуни

Space shampoos: russian “Aelita” & american “No Rinse” detail

The ISS cutlery (photo)

Станционное серебро

Food Serving Facilities (FSF). This cutlery available on the ISS. That’s all we can use. There are rarities left after the Space Shuttle program.

Morning Toilet. Haircut and Shaving on ISS (photo)

Стрижка и бритьё на МКС

Sometimes, the short hairstyle is much convenient…

Family in touch (photo)

Общение с родными

Every weekend austronauts have possibilities to talf with families

Russian diet on the ISS

Российский рацион питания на МКС

(The Main Part 16 daily diets) DAY 1   DAY 2   Pork w/ eggs Little jar Rice cereal traditional Rehydratable 5 grain cereal w/ prunes Rehydratable Cottage cheese w/ nuts Rehydratable Coffee w/ sugar   Coffee w/o sugar   Vitamins   Vitamins           Lyubitelskaya saute (vegetables) Little jar Jellied rainbow […]

Space food (photo)

Космическая пища

Russian Сosmonauts Food:

The cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev took part in the stock “Total Dictation”

Диктант на орбите

Source: Пресс-служба Роскосмоса The cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev took part in the stock “Total Dictation”.