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Vzaimodeistvie-2 Space Experiment (video)

Космический эксперимент Взаимодействие-2

The purpose of the Interaction-2 space experiment is to study the patterns of intra- and inter-group (interaction with the Mission Control Center) dynamics during a long-term space flight of an international crew. More about the experiment: https://tsniimash.ru/science/scientific-experiments-onboard-the-is-rs/cnts/experiments/vzaimodeystvie_2/ (eng) https://www.roscosmos.ru/33708/ (rus)

Packaging of experimental results before landing (video)

Упаковка результатов экспериментов перед посадкой

ISS Experiments – “Kaltsiy” Experiment (video)

See more about “Kaltsiy” Experiment – https://www.energia.ru/en/iss/researches/biology/08.html

Disinfection on the ISS – Treatment of Panels with Fungistat (video)

Дезинфекция на МКС - Обработка панелей фунгистатом

Work at the station. Disinfection. Treatment of Panels with Fungistat photo >>

Dzhanibekov Effect in Zero Gravity (video)

Эффект Джанибекова в невесомости

Dzhanibekov Effect in Zero Gravity The tennis racket theorem or intermediate axis theorem is a result in classical mechanics describing the movement of a rigid body with three distinct principal moments of inertia. It is also dubbed the Dzhanibekov effect, after Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov who noticed one of the theorem’s logical consequences while in […]

Training began on the actions after landing the descent vehicle of the Soyuz spacecraft on the water surface (photo)

Начались тренировки по действиям после посадки спускаемого аппарата корабля «Союз» на водную поверхность

Training began on the actions after landing the descent vehicle of the Soyuz spacecraft on the water surface. During the training, two types of training are performed: “long” and “short”. “Long” training – the descent vehicle is on the water and we need to change clothes inside the descent capsule from the Sokol spacesuit into […]

Installation of scientific equipment in the airlock of the Japanese module (video)

Установка научной аппаратуры в шлюзовой отсек японского модуля

Installation of scientific equipment in the airlock of the Japanese module for subsequent work in outer space.

Work on the ISS – installation of protective curtains against radiation in a personal cabin (video)

Установка защитных шторок от радиации в личной каюте МКС

Experiment Matryoshka-R – Study of Cosmic Rays on ISS Russian Segment more details – https://www.energia.ru/en/iss/researches/medic/33.html

Zero Gravity Magnet on the ISS (video)


Measuring the Cosmonaut’s Weight on the ISS (photo, video)

Процедура взвешивания космонавтов на МКС

UDOD Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент «Удод»

UDOD Experiment Studying combined changes in respiration and hemodynamics when exposed to additional breathing resistance in inspiration, aimed at preventing possible hemodynamic disturbances under conditions of a long-duration spaceflight. see more >>

Thank you very much for your support in Baikonur (photo, video)

Выражаю благодарность всем друзьям за поддержку на Байконуре!

Thank you very much for your support in Baikonur. Such support is always important for those who fly to space!!!

Experiment «Separation» (photo)

Эксперимент «Сепарация»

Working on an experiment Separation. Water is a precious and limited resource in space, so orbiting crew members recycle it whenever possible, including recycling their own urine. The water recovery system provides clean water by reclaiming wastewater (including water from urine). The recovered water must meet stringent standards before it can be used to support […]

Tree micro Satellites were successfully deployed (foto, video)

[youtube width="640" height="360"]https://youtu.be/0hBKRPXIoL4[/youtube]

Tree micro satellites were successfully deployed via a special device mounted on the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) Remote Manipulator System (JEMRMS).

Experiment Cosmocard (фото)

Эксперимент Космокард

Experiment Cosmocard – Study of the effect of space flight factors on electrophysiological characteristics of myocardium and their relation to vegetative blood circulation regulation processes in conditions of long-duration weightlessness. see more >>

Experiment “Konstanta-2” (photo)

Эксперимент Константа-2

Experiment “Konstanta -2” – Studying the effect of spaceflight factors on the isolated ferment-substrate systems. see more >>

DAN Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент Дан

Purpose: The aim of the experiment is to determine the relationship between changes in pressure in the carotid artery caused by redistribution of blood in the upper half of the body in weightlessness, and changes in sensitivity of the central respiratory mechanism (CRM). see more >>

“Fazoperehod’ (“Phase Transition”) Space Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент Фазопереход

“Fazoperehod’ (“Phase Transition”) Space Experiment “Fazoperehod’ (“Phase Transition”) Space Experiment is run on board the “Progress-M” cargo transport vehicle being a part of the ISS. The purpose of “Fazoperehod” is to determine performance specifications of heat pipes in the orbital operational environment. Heat pipes themselves are components of heat transfer elements (HTE), which also include […]

Сylinder Replacement for Flame Extinguishment Experiment (photo)

Замена баллона для эксперимента "Диффузионное пламя"

Сylinder Replacement for Experiment Difusion Flame Experiment Difusion Flame Objective: Obtaining high-precision experimental data for studying laminar diffusion flame in the concurrent stream of fuel and oxidizer. Tasks: Experimental study of the properties of diffusion flame of methane and ethane in the concurrent stream of air under microgravity conditions. Obtaining data about the shape of […]

Greenhouse (photo)


Profilaktika-2 Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент Профилактика 2

Profilaktika-2 Experiment – Investigation of mechanisms of action and effectiveness of different physical exercise modes in long-term SF conditions on the state of general and physical performance of cosmonauts. see moore >> Anton is examined. I Take Blood Test. Now, we’ve changed

The cosmic onion. Part 2.

Продолжаем оранжерейное дело. Часть 2.

The cosmic Onion. Part 2. Green Onions in 2014

Experiment “Calcium” (photo)

Первая сессия эксперимента Кальций

Experiment “Calcium” more (rus)…

Выполненные работы экипажа МКС-55/56 за 100/6 сутки полёта 27.03.2018 г.

Отчет по работе экипажа МКС-55 за 100/6 сутки полёта 27.03.2018 г.

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ISS SPHERES Experiment (photo)

Американский эксперимент "Сферы"

How to make selfie in zero gravity (video)

Как сделать селфи в невесомости

Assessment of Functional Properties of the Neuro-Muscular Apparatus (Tendometria) (фото, video)

Послеполётные исследования - Тендометрия (фото)

Microgravity impact on induced muscular contraction; long duration space flight impact on muscular and peripheral nervous apparatus.

Regular “Virtual” Experiment (photo)

Очередной эксперимент Виртуал

About “Virtual” Experiment

Experiment CASKAD (photo)

Эксперимент КАСКАД

Experiment CASKAD. Manual Mixing in Bioreactor (detail >>) Investigation of cell cultivation of microorganisms, animals and human in microgravity conditions to obtain the concentrated biomass with a high content of cells providing the increased output of target bioactive substances (BAS).

Experiment “EXPOSE-R” (photo)

Эксперимент EXPOSE-R

Experiment “EXPOSE-R” (detail >>) is Eczobiological investigations of the space environment (ultraviolet radiation, vacuum and ionizing radiation) effect on organic and biological samples. EXPOSE-R. Mounting hardware connection scheme