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Greenhouse (photo)


News from Space Plantation. June 8 (photo)


VEG-01 experiment continues. Salad everything becomes more appetizing…

News on Plantation. Greenhouse Watering. May 31 (photo)

Вести с полей. 31 мая

Steve greenhouse watering.

News from the our Plantation. May 29 (photo)

Вести с полей. 29 мая

Salads grow very quickly, but not all…

VEG-01 Experiment. Regular news from the greenhouse (photo)

Эксперимент VEG-01. Очередные новости из оранжереи

We continue the reporting from our greenhouse. May 26 Third tiny salad is surviving…

VEG-1 experiment continues (photo)

а салат подрастает...

VEG-1 experiment continues… Growing salad… From six only two well grow, the others lag behind…

Veggie Plant Growth System Activated on International Space Station (photo)

Veggie plant growth system and VEG-01 experiment. detail see link 1, link 2