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Border Autumn and Winter. Delta of the river Santa Cruz, Argentina (photo)

На границе осени и зимы. Дельта реки Санта Крус, Аргентина

Volga River Delta (photo)

Дельта Волги

Lower Reaches of Volga River (photo)

Над дельтой Волги

Winter Delta of the Rio Santa Cruz, Argentina (photo)

Зимняя дельта реки Санта Круз, Аргентина

Santa Cruz River (Spanish: Río Santa Cruz) is a river in the Argentine province of Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz begins at the shore of the Viedma and Argentino Lakes.

Don River Delta (photo)

Дельта Дона

Volga Delta (photo)

Дельта Волги

Delta of the Ural in the Caspian Sea (photo)

Урало - Каспийский канал

Egypt. Nile Delta (photo)

Египет. Дельта Нила

The Northern Caspian Sea and the Volga Delta (photo)

Каспийское море и низовье Волги

Earth Paints – North of the Caspian Sea. The Volga Delta (photo)

Северный Каспий. Дельта Волги

Earth Paints – Smokes in the Volga Delta (photo)

Дым в дельте Волги


Earth Paints – Volga Delta (photo)

Дельта Волги

The Volga Delta is the largest river delta in Europe, and occurs where Europe’s largest river system, the Volga River, drains into the Caspian Sea in Russia’s Astrakhan Oblast, north-east of the republic of Kalmykia. The delta is located in the Caspian Depression—the far eastern part of the delta lies in Kazakhstan. The delta drains […]