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Пролетаем над Австралией (видео)

Пролетаем над Австралией

Earth Paints – Australia (photo)

Краски Земли — Австралия

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Cities of the World – Adelaide is the capital City of the State of South Australia (photo)

Города мира — пятый по величине город Австралии — Аделаида

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia, and the fifth-most populous city of Australia. Named in honour of Queen Adelaide, consort to King William IV, the city was founded in 1836 as the planned capital for the only freely-settled British province in Australia. Adelaide is situated on the Adelaide Plains north […]

Fly over the Great Barrier Reef (video)

Пролетаем над Большим Барьерным Рифом

Uluru & Kata Tjuta. Australia (photo)

In the heart of Australia, a massive block of red sandstone rises up out of the near-perfect flatness of the eroded landscape. Called Uluru this giant is a monolith 348 meters high, 3.6 kilometers long. Kata Tjuta Lake Amadeus

Fly over Australia (video)

Пролетаем над Австралией

Earth Paints. Central Australia (photo)

Краски Земли. В центре Австралии

Fraser Island. Australia (photo)

Остров Фрейзер, Австралия

Arnhem Bay, Australia (photo)

Залив Арнем, Австралия

Over Australia (photo)

Над Австралией

Northern Australia, the Gulf of Carpentaria (photo)

Север Австралии, залив Карпентария

Flying over Australia (photo)

Над Австралией

Earth Paints – The Australian North Coast (photo)

Краски Земли - Север Австралии

The Australian North Coast. Arnhem Land, cape Arnhem.

Cities of the World – Melbourne, Australia (photo)

Города мира - Мельбурн, Австралия


Earth Paints – The Australian North Coast (photo)

Северное побережье Австралии

Sir Edward Pellew Group of Islands. Makartur River’s Delta Area.

Forest Fires in Australia near Sydney (photo)

Лесные пожары в Австралии, рядом с Сиднеем

The Australian North Coast (photo)

Северное побережье Австралии

Airport Milingimbi. Milingimbi Istand.

Australian mines (photo)

Рудники Австралии

Cities of the World – Sydney, Australia (photo)

Города мира - Сидней, Австралия

Earth Paints – The Great Barrier Reef (photo)

Краски Земли - Большой Барьерный риф

We continue to study the Great Barrier Reef. Near the Cooktown and the Сape Bedford.

Earth Paints – Coral reefs near Australia’s East Coast (Great Barrier Reef) (photo)

Коралловые рифы у восточных берегов Австралии

Earth Paints – Australia’s East Coast (photo)

Восточный берег Австралии

Coral reefs near Australia’s East Coast