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Archives: June 7, 2014

The sunset view from the small window of the station (photo)

Вид на закат из самого маленького иллюминатора на станции

Signs on ISS. The inscription on the hatch of the Japanese lock-chamber (photo)

Надпись на люке японской шлюзовой камеры

Before closing of the Progress hatch (photo)

Перед закрытием люка Прогресса

In the coming Monday, June 9, Progress cargo ship will be undocked from the International Space Station. Cargo packed to capacity garbage, waste,  the equipment which served the term and a resource. The last check before hatch closing, we turn off the light and we close.

Menacing Clouds over Venezuela (photo)

Грозные облака над Венесуэлой

Preparation for the spacewalk. Check of space suits. (photo)

Подготовка к выходу в космос. Дошла очередь до проверки скафандров

Hello, space suit No. 4… Preliminary survey… verdict – we’ll dry you at the weekend.

Work in american segment ISS. Software installation on a remote control laptop. (photo, video)

Установка программного обеспечения на лэптоп дистанционного управления

Software installation on a remote control laptop. Why I in a cap? The module ventilation very strongly blows. I strongly froze and was afraid that I will fall ill. In addition about a cap, I suggest to remember anniversary of the history which has happened at Salyut station: Heroes of the Freeze Station (rus) In […]

Horizon and Clouds (photo)


Night on ISS 2 (photo)

Ночная станция 2

the second day we look for the alien…