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Archives: June 6, 2014

Work on ISS. Steve Swanson repairs Space suit (photo)

Работа на МКС

Work on ISS. Alexander Skvortsov works with a gas analyzer (photo)

Работа на МКС

The Road to an outer Space (photo)

Дорога в открытый космос

Soon on Spacewalk! The Road on Extravehicular Activity – this device for a Spacewalk from the Joint Airlock.

Space Ornament of ISS (photo)

Космический орнамент МКС

Small video from ISS (video)

Небольшое видео с МКС

Preparations for the spacewalk continue (photo)

Продолжается подготовка к выходу в космос

Preparations for the spacewalk continue. Selection of the equipment for the Spacewalk, preparation of replaceable elements of space suits, auxiliary and individual equipment. We check the equipment on serviceability, absence of damage and working capacity. Hello all who prepares the Spacewalk on Earth

Work on ISS. Waste transfer in “Progress” tanks (photo)

Перекачка отходов в баки грузовика, который скоро отстыковывается

Just looked out the window … (photo)

Просто выглянул в окошко...