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Archives: June 11, 2014

Dawn & Rassvet (photo)

Рассвет и Рассвет

Work on ISS. Control cable connections AFD UCTS (photo)

Контроль стыковки кабелей АФУ ЕКТС

Control cable connections AFD UCTS AFD UCTS — antenna-feeder devices uniform command and telemetric system

Yesterday smoked a little

Вчера немного подымило

Yesterday smoked a little… Potential Onboard Combustion Event In the crew’s early evening hours, around 18:40 UTC on Tuesday, a fire alarm was annunciated in the Russian Service Module. The crew reported a small amount of smoke from a vent inside Zvezda that quickly stopped. In accordance with nominal contingency protocols, the Russian Ventilation System […]

Horizon (фото)

Небольшое видео с МКС

Peaks of the Caucasus Mountains (photo)

Кавказские вершины