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Archives: June 5, 2014

Night on ISS (photo)

Ночная станция

Alien hiding somewhere…

Works for “Otklik” Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент Отклик

Experiment “Otklik” – detail Updating meteoroid and technogenic environment model at altitudes of the Station flight in hazardous and unobserved by other aids particle size range (0.1-1.0 mm) in the interests of development of the flight equipment for monitoring meteoroid and technogenic hazards; development test of the equipment recording the particle impacts on the Station external surface […]

The Andes on border of Chile and Argentina (near provinces Mendoza and Neuken) (photo)

Анды на границе Чили и Аргентины (в районе провинций Мендоса и Неукен)

Work on the American segment ISS. Vision tests at Alex Gerst (photo)

Проверка зрения, Алекс проверяет, Стив ассистирует

Vision tests. Alex checks, Steve assists.

The Earth over the Head (photo)


Private medical conference with the crew doctor Alexey Grishin (photo)

Приватная медицинская конференция с врачом экипажа Алексеем Гришиным

Private medical conference with the crew doctor Alexey Grishin. It monitors the health of the crew from Houston.

Start preparing for Spacewalk (photo)

Начало подготовки к выходу в космос

Start preparing for Spacewalk. We have long and eagerly waiting for this moment. Studying of the preliminary cyclogram of an Spacewalk Study on the rail tracks transitions

Ocean and Clouds (photo)