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Guam Island (photo)


Guam island looks like dinosaur. It is the largest island in the Mariana Islands archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean.

Aleutian Islands (photo)

Алеутские острова

It seems to me this Aleutian Islands look like some kind of animal. What do you think?

Before Spacewalk – Fly over Sakhalin Island (video)

Пролетаем над островом Сахалин

Aug. 15 – Russian Cosmonauts Spacewalk Begin – 11:58 a.m. EDT see more – https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-television-to-air-russian-spacewalk-at-international-space-station Live coverage of the spacewalk will begin at 11:15 a.m. EDT see live coverage – https://artemjew.ru/en/mks/mks-online/

Saint Helena Island (photo)

Остров Святой Елены

In 1815, the British government selected Saint Helena as the place of detention for Napoleon Bonaparte.

Île Sainte-Marie Island (photo)

Остров Нуси-Бураха (Сент-Мари)

Nosy Boraha, previously known as Île Sainte-Marie (and still popularly known by travellers as such), is an island off the east coast of Madagascar, to which it belongs.

Minamidaito & Kitadaito Islands, Japan (photo)

Острова Минамидайто и Китадайто на юге Японского архипелага

Sakhalin Island (photo)

Остров Сахалин

Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek Islands (photo)

Остров Крит - один из самых популярных европейских курортов

Guam Island (photo)


Fraser Island. Australia (photo)

Остров Фрейзер, Австралия

New Providence Island. The Bahamas (photo)

Остров Нью-Провиденс, Багамские острова

Somewhere in the Ocean… (photo)

где-то в океане...

Clouds off the Coast of Newfoundland Island (photo)

У берегов острова Ньюфаундленд

Canary Islands (photo)

Канарские острова

Canary Islands. La Gomera Canary Islands. El Hierro

Islands – Sakhalin & Hokkaido (photo)

Острова Сахалин (Россия) и Хоккайдо (Япония)

Aleutian Islands. Unalaska Island (photo)

Алеутские острова. Остров Уналашка

Prince Edward Island, Canada (photo)

Остров Принца Эдуарда, Канада

Over The Bahamas (photo)

Над Багамскими островами

The floating Islands (photo)

Плывущие острова

Olkhon Island, Baikal (photo)

Остров Ольхон, Байкал (фото)

Dominican Republic and Haiti (photo)

Где-то в океане...

Earth Paints – Aranuka is an atoll of Kiribati (photo)

Краски Земли - атолл Аранука, республика Кирибати

Aranuka is an atoll of Kiribati, located just north of the equator, in the Gilbert Islands. It has an area of 11.6 square kilometers and a population of 1,057 in 2010. By local tradition, Aranuka is the central island of the Gilbert group.

Hull Island, Republic of Kiribati (photo)

Остров Халл, Республика Кирибати

Aleutian Islands (photo)

Алеутские острова

The Aleutian Islands are a chain of 14 large volcanic islands and 57 smaller ones, forming part of the Aleutian Arc in the Northern Pacific Ocean, occupying an area of 6,821 sq mi (17,666 km²) and extending about 1,200 mi (1,900 km) westward from the Alaska Peninsula toward the Kamchatka Peninsula, marking a line between […]

Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia (photo)

Малые Зондские острова, Индонезия

On the right is Pulau Sumba.

Earth Paints – Juan de Nova Island (photo)

Краски Земли. Остров Жуан-ди-Нова

Juan de Nova Island, also known as Saint-Christophe, is a 4.4 square kilometres (1.7 sq mi) low, flat, tropical island in the narrowest part of the Mozambique Channel, about one-third of the way between Madagascar and Mozambique.

Karaginsky Island (photo)

Остров Карагинский

Karaginsky Island or Karaginskiy Island is an island in the Karaginsky Gulf of the Bering Sea. The 40 km wide strait between the Kamchatka Peninsula and this island is called Litke Strait.

Indonesia’s Volcanoes – Sangeang Api (photo)

Вулканы Индонезии — Сангинг Апи

Sakhalin Island under Clouds (photo)

Сахалин под облаками

Canary Islands (photo)

Канарские острова

The Canary Islands, also known as the Canaries (Spanish: Canarias), are a Spanish archipelago located just off the northwest coast of mainland Africa, 100 kilometres (62 miles) west of the southern border of Morocco. The Canaries are one of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities and are among the outermost region of the European Union proper. The […]