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Tabiteuea Atoll. Republic of Kiribati (photo)

Атолл Табитеуэа. Республика Кирибати

Tarawa Atoll. Republic of Kiribati (photo)

Атолл Тарава

Earth Paints – Aranuka is an atoll of Kiribati (photo)

Краски Земли - атолл Аранука, республика Кирибати

Aranuka is an atoll of Kiribati, located just north of the equator, in the Gilbert Islands. It has an area of 11.6 square kilometers and a population of 1,057 in 2010. By local tradition, Aranuka is the central island of the Gilbert group.

Hull Island, Republic of Kiribati (photo)

Остров Халл, Республика Кирибати

Islands of Kiribati (photo)

Республика Кирибати

Malden Island Malden Island, sometimes called Independence Island in the nineteenth century, is a low, arid, uninhabited island in the central Pacific Ocean, about 39 km2 (15 sq mi) in area. It is one of the Line Islands belonging to the Republic of Kiribati. Teraina Island (Washington Island) Teraina, also known as Washington Island (both […]