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Fly over Canada! (фото)

Пролетаем Канаду!

Canada ranks second in the world in area – 9 984 670 km², after Russia (17 125 191 km²). This country was founded by the French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1534. Being the second largest country in the world – with the longest coastline in the world – Canada is known for road travel. This […]

The Сoast of Canada (photo)

Побережье Канады

Quebec City & Gulf of Saint Lawrence (photo)

Город Квебек и Залив Святого Лаврентия

Prince Edward Island, Canada (photo)

Остров Принца Эдуарда, Канада

Icebergs near the coast of Canada (photo)

Айсберги у берегов Канады