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Archives: May 30, 2014

Work on the American Segment of ISS. May 26 (photo)

Работы на американском сегменте МКС

Steve is working with the Japanese module lock-chamber. There is a preparation for satellite start. Steve in a festive mood – today is his son Scott birthday. And we are glad for it too!

Signs on ISS. Instructions on EV hatch opening (photo)

Инструкции по открытию выходного люка в СО

Instructions on EV hatch opening before the spacewalk. Are located on the output hatch. Sign the Russian language Sign the English language

Kamchatka. Volcanos (photo)

Камчатка. Вулкан Шивелуч

We continue to study Kamchatka. Shiveluch Volcano slowly smokes. Shiveluch – the Most northern of active volcanoes of Kamchatka. and the Kamchatka volcanoes smoke a pipe…

May 27 was the Russian Library Day (photo)

27 мая был общероссийский День Библиотек

May 27 was the Russian Library Day. At station there is a small library, collected over 14 years of flight by different crews. There are artistic and technical literature, as well as have a large digital library that can be read on the iPAD

News from the our Plantation. May 29 (photo)

Вести с полей. 29 мая

Salads grow very quickly, but not all…

Hot meeting weightlessness indicators (photo)

Горячая встреча индикаторов невесомости