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Archives: May 22, 2014

Signs on ISS. Rescue Boats (photo)

Таблички на МКС. Спасательные шлюпки.

Frequently asked question about the meaning of various signs on the ISS. I’m starting a new rubrics with photos of signs. The sign with the directions on the Rescue boats. Glows in the dark.

Regular “Virtual” Experiment

Эксперимент "Виртуал"

About “Virtual” Experiment

ISS Works. TVU in MRM-2 Replacing (photo)

Работа на МКС. Замена ТВУ в МИМ2

MRM-2 is Mini Research Module “Poisk”. The TVU device is the MRM-2 computer. About Module “Poisk” (rus) >>

Amazing Clouds (photo)

Удивительные облака

Cloud-duck Cloud Galaxy

Ocean’s Olympic rings (photo)

Олимпийские кольца океана

Pacific ocean’s olympic rings near the Kamchatka.