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Archives: May 21, 2014

The ISS cutlery (photo)

Станционное серебро

Food Serving Facilities (FSF). This cutlery available on the ISS. That’s all we can use. There are rarities left after the Space Shuttle program.

At the boundary of light and shadow… (photo)

На границе тени и света...

ISS crew congratulates all the people of the Earth on International Space Day May 21! At the boundary of light and shadow…

Fried eggs in the middle of the ocean (photo)

Земная яичница-глазунья

Herbert Island is an island in the Islands of Four Mountains subgroup of the Aleutian archipelago.

“Otklik” Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент "Отклик"

Preparation the equipment for “Response” experiment. Experiment “Otklik” – detail (rus)

Cities in Russia – Sochi is the capital of the winter Olympic Games 2014 (photo)

Сочи - столица зимних олимпийских игр 2014

Veggie Plant Growth System Activated on International Space Station (photo)

Veggie plant growth system and VEG-01 experiment. detail see link 2