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Tags: ‘космическая еда’

The ISS cutlery (photo)

Станционное серебро

Food Serving Facilities (FSF). This cutlery available on the ISS. That’s all we can use. There are rarities left after the Space Shuttle program.

Russian diet on the ISS

Российский рацион питания на МКС

(The Main Part 16 daily diets) DAY 1   DAY 2   Pork w/ eggs Little jar Rice cereal traditional Rehydratable 5 grain cereal w/ prunes Rehydratable Cottage cheese w/ nuts Rehydratable Coffee w/ sugar   Coffee w/o sugar   Vitamins   Vitamins           Lyubitelskaya saute (vegetables) Little jar Jellied rainbow […]

Space food (photo)

Космическая пища

Russian Сosmonauts Food: