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Archives: December, 2014

Galapagos Islands (photo)

Галапагосские острова

Mangoky River Delta & Ihotry Lake in Madagascar (photo)

Юго-Западный Мадагаскар. Дельта реки Мангуки и озеро Ихутри

‘Invest in space, not war’: Russian cosmonaut urges Russia-US cooperation (photo, video, only in english)

Invest in space, not war: Russian cosmonaut urges Russia-US cooperation (photo, video, only in english)

Source: RT Fruitful cooperation between the Russian and US crews at the International Space Station should become a template for relations between Moscow and Washington, cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev told RT as a new mission prepares to head to the ISS on Sunday. Artemyev believes that lack of consent between politicians is what prevents humanity from […]

Over the Earth (photo)

Над Землёй

Balkhash & Alakol Lakes in southeastern Kazakhstan (photo)

Озёра Балхаш и Алаколь. Казахстан

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Avacha Bay (photo)

Петропавловск-Камчатский на фоне вулканов

Avacha Bay. Koryaksky & Avachinsky Volcanos.

Tarawa Atoll. Republic of Kiribati (photo)

Атолл Тарава

South American Glaciers (photo)

Ледники Южной Америки

Over the Ocean (photo)

Над океаном

Kamchatka (photo)


Aleutian Islands (photo)

Алеутские острова

The Window to Earth (photo)

Земля в иллюминаторе

Kamchatka. Lonely Volcano in the Sea of Clouds (photo)

Камчатка. Одинокий вулкан в море облаков

South American Glaciers. Viedma Lake (photo)

Ледники Южной Америки - озеро Вьедма

Viedma Lake long in southern Patagonia near the border between Chile and Argentina. It’s a major elongated trough lake formed from melting glacial ice. The name of the lake comes from the Spanish explorer Antonio de Viedma, who in 1783 reached its shores, being the first European to do so.

Earth Paints – Aranuka is an atoll of Kiribati (photo)

Краски Земли - атолл Аранука, республика Кирибати

Aranuka is an atoll of Kiribati, located just north of the equator, in the Gilbert Islands. It has an area of 11.6 square kilometers and a population of 1,057 in 2010. By local tradition, Aranuka is the central island of the Gilbert group.

Dust Storm (photo)

Пылевая буря на границе пустыни и моря

South American Glaciers (photo)

Ледники Южной Америки

The lake known as O’Higgins in Chile and San Martín in Argentina is located around coordinates 48°50′S 72°36′W in Patagonia, between the Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region and the Santa Cruz Province.

The Border of Day and Night (photo)

На границе дня и ночи

Clouds (photo)


Interview to Russia Today TV Channel (photo, video)

Видеоинтервью для Russia Touday 17 ноября 2014 г.

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Winter in South America (photo)

Наступление зимы в Южной Америке

The South America. Vicinities of the Salt Lake Laguna Verde near the border of Chile & Argentina. May 19 Before the Winter May 23 Winter has come!

ISS Expedition 39/40 Crew Training (video)

Фильм о подготовке экипажа 39/40-й длительной экспедиции на МКС

Morning on the ISS (photo)

Утро на МКС

Dardanelles (photo)

Пролив Дарданеллы