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Archives: July 13, 2014

July 12. Zvezda heads into orbit aboard a Proton rocket in the year 2000 (photo)

12 июля годовщина запуска модуля Звезда

Zvezda, DOS-8, also known as the Zvezda Service Module, is a component of the International Space Station (ISS). It was the third module launched to the station, and provides all of the station’s life support systems, some of which are supplemented in the USOS, as well as living quarters for two crew members. It is […]

Cities in Russia – Sevastopol. Crimea. (photo)

Города России - Севастополь

Earth Paints – Africa (photo)

Краски Африки

Sahara Desert in Chad.

Earth Paints – the Bahamas (photo)

Краски Земли - Багамские острова

Clouds Hairstyle. Exuma Island & Long Island

Experiment Kulonovskiy Kristall (photo)

Эксперимент Кулоновский кристалл

Experiment Kulonovskiy Kristall (начался с МКС-39) (about): Study of dynamic and structural characteristics of the coulomb systems formed by the charged dispersed diamagnetic macroparticles in the magnetic trap; investigation of the following processes onboard the ISS RS: the condensed dust media – coulomb crystals and coulomb liquids formation by the charged macroparticles.

Kamchatka Peninsula (photo)


Full Moon. July 12, 2014 (photo)

Полнолуние. 12 июля 2014 г.