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Archives: July 23, 2014

Noctilucent Cloud (photo)

Серебристые облака

Night clouds or noctilucent clouds are tenuous cloud-like phenomena that are the “ragged edge” of a much brighter and pervasive polar cloud layer called polar mesospheric clouds in the upper atmosphere, visible in a deep twilight. They are made of crystals of water ice. Noctilucent roughly means night shining in Latin. They are most commonly […]

Earth Paints – Lake Abert, USA, Oregon (photo)

Краски Земли - озеро Аберт, США, шт. Орегон

Cities in Russia – Olginka, Krasnodar Krai (photo)

Города России - Ольгинка, Краснодарский край

Work on ISS. Glass Windows Inspection and Photography. MIM2 Module (photo)

Работа на МКС. Осмотр и фотографирование стекол иллюминаторов

Earth Paints – Madagascar (photo)

Краски Земли - Мадагаскар