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Tags: ‘работа на мкс’

Work on the American Segment of ISS. May 26 (photo)

Работы на американском сегменте МКС

Steve is working with the Japanese module lock-chamber. There is a preparation for satellite start. Steve in a festive mood – today is his son Scott birthday. And we are glad for it too!

Medical control – Measurement of Shin Volume (photo)

Медицинский контроль - ИЗОГ

Measurement of shin volume – control of shin muscles changes from space flight factors. There is a device (Environmental Health System (EHS) – Acoustic Dosimeter) on a belt for American noise control near the astronaut experiment. Measurements are being made one day.

Work on ISS. Replacement of dust filters in SO (photo)

Работа на МКС. Замена пылефильтров в СО

Replacement of dust filters in a Docking Compartment, as well it is a gateway for an exit in space.

General cleaning MRM1 module before the arrival of the new ship (photo)

Генеральная уборка модуля МИМ1 перед приходом нового корабля

General cleaning MRM1 module before the arrival of the new ship.

Work on ISS. Distribution and water heating unit repairing works. (photo)

Ремонтно-восстановительные работы блока раздачи и подогрева воды

Work on ISS. The Dust Filters Replacing on MRM-1 (photo)

Замена пылефильтров в МИМ1

MRM-1 – Mini-Research Module “Rassvet”.  About “Rassvet” >>

Work on ISS. Adjustment a belt tension in BD2 Treadmill (фото)

Регулировка натяжение ремня в беговой дорожке БД2

ISS Works. TVU in MRM-2 Replacing (photo)

Работа на МКС. Замена ТВУ в МИМ2

MRM-2 is Mini Research Module “Poisk”. The TVU device is the MRM-2 computer. About Module “Poisk” (rus) >>

Alexander Skvortsov is working (photo)

Работает Александр Скворцов

Alexander Skvortsov is replacing sets of changeable lines for condensate discharge the air conditioning system.