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June 10. Preparation Spacewalk (photo)

10 июня. Подкотовка к Выходу в космос

Talks with experts on EVA cyclogram. Check of valves, preparation of transitional compartment for EVA. Preparation of a space suit for EVA, filling with water. Checking suit cooling water. Check valves – preparation of the docking compartment to the EVA. Preparation of transitional compartment and space suit for EVA

June 9. Continuation of Preparing for Spacewalk (photo)

Продолжается подготовка выходу в космос

We continue to study the EVA cyclogram. Assembled and tested AFD UCTS connectors. Laying of the AFD UCTS cables. Alexandr Skvortsov & AFD UCTS. Checking and laying equipment “Test” experiment. Tool laying in the Universal Portable Container. Video fixing of the collected equipment for check by experts on Earth.

Work on ISS. Control cable connections AFD UCTS (photo)

Контроль стыковки кабелей АФУ ЕКТС

Control cable connections AFD UCTS AFD UCTS — antenna-feeder devices uniform command and telemetric system

Work on ISS. Space Sailors work (photo)

Работа на МКС. Работают космические матросы

Verification work Ecosphere. On a background Maksim Surayev performs works on medical control.

Preparation for EVA (photo)

Циклограмма ВКД-38 (окончательная) на 19 июня 2014 г

Laying unused Space Suit on storage in the Service Module

Work on ISS. Medical control by the device Urysis (photo)

Медконтроль прибором Урисис

Medical control by the device Urysis

Preparation for the spacewalk. Check of space suits. (photo)

Подготовка к выходу в космос. Дошла очередь до проверки скафандров

Hello, space suit No. 4… Preliminary survey… verdict – we’ll dry you at the weekend.

Work in american segment ISS. Software installation on a remote control laptop. (photo, video)

Установка программного обеспечения на лэптоп дистанционного управления

Software installation on a remote control laptop. Why I in a cap? The module ventilation very strongly blows. I strongly froze and was afraid that I will fall ill. In addition about a cap, I suggest to remember anniversary of the history which has happened at Salyut station: Heroes of the Freeze Station (rus) In […]

Work on ISS. Steve Swanson repairs Space suit (photo)

Работа на МКС

Work on ISS. Alexander Skvortsov works with a gas analyzer (photo)

Работа на МКС

The Road to an outer Space (photo)

Дорога в открытый космос

Soon on Spacewalk! The Road on Extravehicular Activity – this device for a Spacewalk from the Joint Airlock.

Work on ISS. Waste transfer in “Progress” tanks (photo)

Перекачка отходов в баки грузовика, который скоро отстыковывается

Work on the American segment ISS. Vision tests at Alex Gerst (photo)

Проверка зрения, Алекс проверяет, Стив ассистирует

Vision tests. Alex checks, Steve assists.

Fit Check in Kazbek couch (Soyuz 712) (photo)

Примерка ложемента в Союзе

Fit Check in Kazbek couch (Soyuz 712) It is carried out in 60 days of flight and in three weeks prior to landing.

Work on ISS. Working out of medical operations skills for responsible person (photo)

Отработка навыков ответственного за мед. операции

Working out of medical operations skills for responsible person. The equipment can be used in emergency situations at risk for crew life. For skills ensuring each crew member carries out viewing of materials on the equipment monthly. It needs to do within an hour.

Work on ISS. Seismic forecast data transmission (photo)

Снятие данных по Сейсмопрогнозу

Work on the American Segment of ISS. May 26 (photo)

Работы на американском сегменте МКС

Steve is working with the Japanese module lock-chamber. There is a preparation for satellite start. Steve in a festive mood – today is his son Scott birthday. And we are glad for it too!

Medical control – Measurement of Shin Volume (photo)

Медицинский контроль - ИЗОГ

Measurement of shin volume – control of shin muscles changes from space flight factors. There is a device (Environmental Health System (EHS) – Acoustic Dosimeter) on a belt for American noise control near the astronaut experiment. Measurements are being made one day.

Work on ISS. Replacement of dust filters in SO (photo)

Работа на МКС. Замена пылефильтров в СО

Replacement of dust filters in a Docking Compartment, as well it is a gateway for an exit in space.

General cleaning MRM1 module before the arrival of the new ship (photo)

Генеральная уборка модуля МИМ1 перед приходом нового корабля

General cleaning MRM1 module before the arrival of the new ship.

Work on ISS. Distribution and water heating unit repairing works. (photo)

Ремонтно-восстановительные работы блока раздачи и подогрева воды

Work on ISS. The Dust Filters Replacing on MRM-1 (photo)

Замена пылефильтров в МИМ1

MRM-1 – Mini-Research Module “Rassvet”.  About “Rassvet” >>

Work on ISS. Adjustment a belt tension in BD2 Treadmill (фото)

Регулировка натяжение ремня в беговой дорожке БД2

ISS Works. TVU in MRM-2 Replacing (photo)

Работа на МКС. Замена ТВУ в МИМ2

MRM-2 is Mini Research Module “Poisk”. The TVU device is the MRM-2 computer. About Module “Poisk” (rus) >>

Alexander Skvortsov is working (photo)

Работает Александр Скворцов

Alexander Skvortsov is replacing sets of changeable lines for condensate discharge the air conditioning system.