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Works for “Otklik” Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент Отклик

Experiment “Otklik” – detail Updating meteoroid and technogenic environment model at altitudes of the Station flight in hazardous and unobserved by other aids particle size range (0.1-1.0 mm) in the interests of development of the flight equipment for monitoring meteoroid and technogenic hazards; development test of the equipment recording the particle impacts on the Station external surface […]

Preparation for “Otklik” Experiment (photo)

Подготовка к эксперименту Отклик

Experiment “Otklik” – detail (rus)

“Otklik” Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент "Отклик"

Preparation the equipment for “Response” experiment. Experiment “Otklik” – detail (rus)