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Fly over Canada! (фото)

Canada ranks second in the world in area – 9 984 670 km², after Russia (17 125 191 km²).

This country was founded by the French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1534.

Being the second largest country in the world – with the longest coastline in the world – Canada is known for road travel.

Fly over Canada!
Fly over Canada!
Fly over Canada!
Fly over Canada!
Fly over Canada!

This country is famous for its natural beauty. Canada has more lakes than all other countries in the world combined.

Residents of Canada are very polite polite.

Tourists from all over the world are attracted by the Northern Lights, which is clearly visible in Canada.

Hockey is the official Canadian national winter sport. Canada is considered the birthplace of ice hockey.

Maple syrup – a symbol of the country, is known around the world for its national flag – on a white canvas there is a bright red maple leaf.

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