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Space Sushi (video 360)

Experiment Cosmocard (фото)

Experiment Cosmocard – Study of the effect of space flight factors on electrophysiological characteristics of myocardium and their relation to vegetative blood circulation regulation processes in conditions of long-duration weightlessness. see more >>

Experiment Cosmocard

Corsica & Sardinia (photo)

Corsica & Sardinia

Aurora over the South Pole (photo)

My first attempt to photograph the Aurora during my second space flight.

Aurora over the South Pole
Aurora over the South Pole

Sakhalin Island (photo)

Denver International Airpor, USA (photo)

Denver International Airpor from space. It is the largest Airport in the United States by total land Area.

Denver International Airpor, USA

April, 22 – Earth Day (photo)

Today is EarthDay! We should never stop caring for the planet we inhabit.

22 Апреля - День Земли

Experiment “Konstanta-2” (photo)

Experiment “Konstanta -2” – Studying the effect of spaceflight factors on the isolated ferment-substrate systems. see more >>

Experiment Konstanta-2

Zhaman-Akkol Lake, Kazakhstan (photo)

Zhaman-Akkol Lake, Kazakhstan

Space Sushi (photo)

Norishige Kanai showed us how to make Sushi. Yes, it was fun!

Space Sushi