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Tags: ‘Патагония’

Winter. Over Patagonia (photo)

Над зимней Патагонией

Patagonia Glaciers (photo)

Ледники Патагонии

Clouds over Patagonia (photo)

Облака над Патагонией

Over Patagonia Ice Field (photo)

Над льдами Патагонии

Over Patagonia. South America (photo)

Над Патагонией. Южная Америка

San Quintin Glacier, Chile (photo)

Ледник Сан-Тадео (Сан-Кинтин), Чили

The San Quintín Glacier is the largest outflow glacier of the Northern Patagonian Ice Field in southern Chile. Its terminus is a piedmont lobe just short of the Gulf of Penas on the Pacific Ocean and just north of 47°S.

Southern Patagonia Glacial Field (photo)

Ледники Патагонии

Chico Glacier

Southern Patagonia Ice Field (South America) (photo)

Ледники Южной Америки

Southern Patagonia Ice Field. Argentina and Chile Border. In the foreground are seen the state of the Earth’s climate sensors.