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Archives: April 19, 2014

Spaceship Dragon Launch to ISS

Частный космический корабль Dragon успешно стартовал к МКС

Source: ИТАР ТАСС Spaceship Dragon Launch to ISS.

Progress M-22M to Sink in the Pacific Ocean

Грузовик "Прогресс М-22М"

Source: Russian Space News Progress M-22M cargo vehicle undocked from the ISS on April 7 and performing controlled flight will be deorbited on Friday and sank in the Pacific Ocean, – MCC representative reports. “The thrusters will be ignited for deorbiting at 18.54 Moscow time, April 18. The fragments of cargo vehicle well be sank […]

Preparation to extra-vehicular activity (photo)

Подготовка к выходу

Preparation to extra-vehicular activity.