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Города Мира — Ночной Мадрид, Испания (photo)

Города мира - ночной Мадрид

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Undocking of the Soyuz MS-08 Spacecraft from the ISS on October 4, 2018 (video)

Отстыковка корабля «Союз МС-08» от МКС 4 октября 2018 г.

Earth Paints – Laguna Colorada is a mineral Lake. Bolivia (photo)

Краски Земли - Минеральное озеро Лагуна-Колорада. Боливия

Laguna Colorada is a mineral lake located in the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve in the southwestern part of Bolivia near the border with Chile. The red-brown color of the water is due to sedimentary rocks, as well as the pigmentation of some algae growing there. Borax islands can also be found in the lake. The […]

Spacewalk (video)

Выход в открытый космос американского экипажа

Spacewalk (June, 2018).

Winter. Over Patagonia (photo)

Над зимней Патагонией

Flying over the Mediterranean Sea (video)

Пролетая над Средиземным Морем

Flying over the Mediterranean Sea

Preparing a Spacesuit Glove for a Spacewalk (video)

Готовим перчатку скафандра к выходу в космос

We prepare a glove for Spacewalk. I sew on a glove a loop for a GoPro camera insurance. Result, loop it is sewn.

Вышел новый номер журнала Русский Космос за Август 2020

Вышел новый номер журнала Русский Космос за Август 2020

Вышел новый номер журнала Русский Космос – Август 2020 читать (.PDF) >> скачать(.PDF) >>

Winter Baikal (photo)

Зимний Байкал

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Dzhanibekov Effect in Zero Gravity (video)

Эффект Джанибекова в невесомости

Dzhanibekov Effect in Zero Gravity The tennis racket theorem or intermediate axis theorem is a result in classical mechanics describing the movement of a rigid body with three distinct principal moments of inertia. It is also dubbed the Dzhanibekov effect, after Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov who noticed one of the theorem’s logical consequences while in […]

How Astronauts brush their Teeth on the ISS (video)

Как чистят зубы на МКС

How Astronauts brush their Teeth on the ISS

Over California, USA (video)

Пролетаем над Калифорнией

Las Salinas del Bebedero, Argentina (photo)

Солончак Лас-Салинас-дель-Бебедеро, Аргентина

Las Salinas del Bebedero is a salt marsh located in the Lagunas de Guanacache marshes (marshland in western Argentina in the San Juan provinces), stretching for almost 200 km on the lands of the three western provinces of Argentina. Salinas del Bebedero is located 42 km southwest of San Luis and 15 km south of […]

Bahamas (photo)

Багамские острова

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August 25, 2018 – celebration of the birthday of Andrew Feustel on the ISS (video)

25 августа 2018 г. - празднование Дня Рождения Эндрю Фойстела на МКС

August 25 – Andrew Feustel’s Birthday. In 2018 we are celebrated it on the ISS.

Hawaiian Islands (photo)

Hawaiian Islands

E komo mai (e komo mai) – translated from colloquial Hawaiian means “Welcome”! As you might have guessed, the photographs show the Hawaiian Islands – an archipelago of volcanic origin from islands and atolls located in the North Pacific Ocean. The islands got their name from the largest island – Hawaii, and it in turn […]

After Spacewalk. Dismantling the Orlan Spacesuit. (video)

Разборка скафандра Орлан после выхода в открытый космос

After Spacewalk. Dismantling the Orlan Spacesuit.

Fujiyama (Fuji) (photo)

Fujiyama (Fuji) is an active stratovolcano on the Japanese island of Honshu, 90 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. A stratovolcano or layered volcano is a type of volcano that has a conical shape and is composed of many solidified layers of lava, tephra and volcanic ash. It is characterized by a tall, steep shape and periodic […]

Brazil (photo)

Vitória & Vila Velha (Brazil) Vila Velha (Brazil) Doce River delta Download big pictures:

Fly over New Zealand (video)

Пролетаем над Новой Зеландией

Fly over New Zealand

New issue of Russian Cosmos Magazine released (July, 2020)

Вышел новый номер журнала Русский Космос за Июнь 2020

New issue of Russian Cosmos magazine released (July, 2020) download (rus, .PDF) >>

8 Questions about the Special Parachute Training for the Cosmonauts (video)

8 вопросов о Специальной Парашютной Подготовке Космонавтов

On the eve of the Day of the Airborne Forces of Russia, I answer 8 questions about the Special Parachute Training for the Cosmonauts

Coral Islands in the Indian Ocean (photo)

Mayotte Island. Comoros Gloriez Islands

Sunrise on the ISS (video)

Рассвет на МКС

One of 16 Sunrises per Day on the ISS.

Cities in Russia — Moscow, the Capital of our Country at Night (photo)

Москва — столица нашей страны, снятая в ночное время

Moscow is easily recognizable from a photo taken on board the ISS, since it has a radial-beam layout of the city. The city consists of several streets and rings running from the center (3 transport – MKAD, Sadovoe, 3rd transport, as well as the Boulevard Ring). The Moscow metro is built on the same principle […]

Observation of the Earth from Cupola (video)

Наблюдение Земли с МКС из Cupola

Western China and Lake Kukunor (Qinghai) (photo)

Западная провинция Китая и озеро «Кукунор» (провинция Цинхай)

Kukunor is the second largest inland mountain salt lake in Central Asia after Lake Issyk-Kul. It is mountainous and is located at an altitude of 3205 m. Chinese – Qinghai, Mongolian – Khukh-Nur and Tibetan – Tso Ngongpo names mean “blue-green (turquoise) sea (lake)”.One of the first Europeans to explore the lake was the Russian […]

Diego Garcia is the largest Atoll Island of the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean (photo)

Атолл Диего-Гарсия — крупнейший остров-атолл архипелага Чагос

Diego Garcia is the largest atoll island of the Chagos archipelago in the Indian Ocean, located 1600 km south of Hindustan and 1200 km south of the Maldives. The lagoon, with an area of ​​about 27 km², is surrounded by a narrow strip of surface coral reefs. Diego Garcia has a length of about 60 […]

Repair of the Orlan Spacesuit on the ISS – Strengthening fixtures (video)

Ремонт скафандра Орлан на МКС - Усиление крепления светильников

Preparing for Spacewalk. Strengthening the Fastening of american Lamps on the Helmet of an Orlan Spacesuit.

The Light of the Night Cities of the Earth (photo)

Свет ночных городов Земли

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