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Next BAR Experiment (photo)

Очередной эксперимент БАР

Next BAR Experiment in Russia Day. Experiment BAR (about BAR): Development of a procedure to detect the signs of air leakage from ISS modules.

Experiment Matryoshka-R (photo)

Очередной эксперимент Матрёшка-Р

Experiment Matryoshka-R. Monitoring Lulin-5 readings. “Matreshka-R” Experiment (about…):

Successors of the greenhouse business (photo)

Продолжатели оранжереи

Our american partners temporarily suspended greenhouse experiment. But we continue and already grew up a green onions.

News from Space Plantation. June 8 (photo)


VEG-01 experiment continues. Salad everything becomes more appetizing…

Works for “Otklik” Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент Отклик

Experiment “Otklik” – detail Updating meteoroid and technogenic environment model at altitudes of the Station flight in hazardous and unobserved by other aids particle size range (0.1-1.0 mm) in the interests of development of the flight equipment for monitoring meteoroid and technogenic hazards; development test of the equipment recording the particle impacts on the Station external surface […]

Experiment “BAR” (photo)

Эксперимент БАР

Next Experiment of BAR on June 3. It is usually carried out together, but today I carry out measurements one – it is necessary to find, be recorded, measure, to note time, to write down time and to photograph a measurement zone. Measurements are carried out to Transitional Compartment service module “Zvezda”. Experiment BAR – Development of […]

News on Plantation. Greenhouse Watering. May 31 (photo)

Вести с полей. 31 мая

Steve greenhouse watering.

SPRINT Experiment – Ultrasonography Research of Foot Muscles (photo)

Эксперимент SPRINT

One more collaboration. SPRINT experiment – ultrasonography research of foot muscles. Steve is doing, I’m assisting – help to dress and make photo.

News from the our Plantation. May 29 (photo)

Вести с полей. 29 мая

Salads grow very quickly, but not all…

Medical control – Measurement of Shin Volume (photo)

Медицинский контроль - ИЗОГ

Measurement of shin volume – control of shin muscles changes from space flight factors. There is a device (Environmental Health System (EHS) – Acoustic Dosimeter) on a belt for American noise control near the astronaut experiment. Measurements are being made one day.

VEG-01 Experiment. Regular news from the greenhouse (photo)

Эксперимент VEG-01. Очередные новости из оранжереи

We continue the reporting from our greenhouse. May 26 Third tiny salad is surviving…

Preparation for “Otklik” Experiment (photo)

Подготовка к эксперименту Отклик

Experiment “Otklik” – detail (rus)

VEG-1 experiment continues (photo)

а салат подрастает...

VEG-1 experiment continues… Growing salad… From six only two well grow, the others lag behind…

Regular “Virtual” Experiment

Эксперимент "Виртуал"

About “Virtual” Experiment

“Otklik” Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент "Отклик"

Preparation the equipment for “Response” experiment. Experiment “Otklik” – detail (rus)

Veggie Plant Growth System Activated on International Space Station (photo)

Veggie plant growth system and VEG-01 experiment. detail see link 1, link 2

Matreshka-R Experiment (photo)

Эксперимент Матрёшка-Р

Getting data from device for Matreshka-R experiment “Matreshka-R” Experiment (about…):

Experiments on the Russian segment of the ISS (photo)

Эксперименты на российском сегменте МКС

Experiment “Calcium” Experiment “Calcium” more (rus)… Experiment Bubble Dosimeter Experiment “Membrana” Experiment “Membrana” more (rus)…

Experiment “Obstanovka” (photo)

Эксперимент "Обстановка"

Experiment “Obstanovka”. Experiment “Obstanovka” (detail)

Experiment “Virtual” 25 april (photo)

Эксперимент "Виртуал" 25 апреля

Experiment “Virtual” 25 april, already the third time. Experiment “Virtual” (detail)

Experiment “Relaxation” (photo)

Эксперимент "Релаксация"

Experiment «Relaxation» detail (rus)

“Kaplya-2” Experiment (photo)

Работа на МКС

“Kaplya-2” Experiment Experiment «Kaplya-2» detail (rus)