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Not so easy to return back to ISS after going into space (video)

The return of the American crew on the ISS after working in outer space and the closure of the hatch (June, 2018).

Radio Day is celebrated on May 7 in Russia (photo)

Radio Day is celebrated on May 7 in Russia

Radio communication on the ISS can be carried out in two ways:

– Direct radio communication – between an amateur station on Earth and an amateur station on board the ISS.

– Teleconference – where special amateur radio equipment located somewhere on Earth establishes radio contact with the ISS.

Space radio communication depends on many different factors: range, transmitter power, sizes of onboard and ground antennas, wavelength, quality of transceiver electronics, interference, noise.

Radio waves of different ranges pass through the earth’s atmosphere in different ways. For space communications, the optimal wavelength range is from 1.5 to 30 centimeters.

Radio Day is celebrated on May 7 in Russia


Radio Day is celebrated on May 7 in Russia

On Earth, transmission delays are almost not felt, and in orbit it is necessary to speak with a delay.

The answer from the Moon will go one and a half seconds, from Mars – already about six minutes, and the most distant space object with which radio contact is maintained is the American automatic interplanetary station Voyager-1, launched on September 5, 1977. She crossed the line of 100 astronomical units (15 billion kilometers) and came close to the border of the solar system. A radio signal from such a distance takes about 15 hours.

Earth Paints – Australia (photo)

Earth Paints - Australia

Download big picture: Earth Paints - Australia (13 downloads)

The Launch of a new manned Spacecraft of the PRC from the Wenchang Cosmodrome took place (video)

Just recently, May 05, 2020 at 01:06 PM (Moscow time), the launch of a new manned spacecraft of the PRC from the Wenchang cosmodrome took place!

This was the first test flight of a new manned ship, which in the future will have to replace the current ships “Shenzhou” and cargo ships “Tianzhou”.

It consists of a large capsule-type returned apparatus and a disposable service compartment. Unlike the “Shenzhou”, he has no household compartment.

The spacecraft descent vehicle is designed for 10 flights into orbit. It is equipped with a removable heat shield. Inflatable shock absorbers similar to those used on Boeing’s Starliner will be used to mitigate surface impact. In unmanned mode, the PRC ship can be used to return cargo to Earth from space, as the SpaceX Dragon ship does.

Rations during the flight to the ISS (video)

Rations during the flight to the ISS.

ISS Space toilet (HD video)

New High Definition Video Version with english Subtitles

Old Version of the Video with previous Comments

Iranian Desert (photo)

In the photographs the desert of Iran.

Iranian Desert
Iranian Desert

Deshte Kevir is a salt marsh desert. Its total area is about 55,000 km2. On the territory of Dasht-e Kaviris the Iranian cosmodrome – Semnan.

Deshte Lut – sand and salt marshes desert.

A shallow lake forms in the low part of the salt marsh basin of the Nemeksar during the spring flood.

On the territory of Dasht-e Lut in 2005, the absolute maximum temperature on the Earth was recorded – +70.7 C.

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Live on Instagram, April 30, 2020 (video replay)

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ISS cameras (video)