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Volcanoes of Kamchatka and Aleutian Islands (video)

New issue of Russian Cosmos magazine released

New issue of Russian Cosmos magazine released

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Вышел новый номер журнала Русский Космос

Desert Landscapes Saudi Arabia (photo)

Desert Landscapes Saudi Arabia
Desert Landscapes Saudi Arabia
Desert Landscapes Saudi Arabia

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Desert in Saudi Arabia 1 (26 downloads)
Desert in Saudi Arabia 2 (24 downloads)
Desert in Saudi Arabia 3 (23 downloads)
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Training began on the actions after landing the descent vehicle of the Soyuz spacecraft on the water surface (photo)

Training began on the actions after landing the descent vehicle of the Soyuz spacecraft on the water surface.

During the training, two types of training are performed: “long” and “short”. “Long” training – the descent vehicle is on the water and we need to change clothes inside the descent capsule from the Sokol spacesuit into flight and heat-shielding suits, then the Trout overalls and evacuate from the ship.

We leave the capsule after changing clothes, taking with us a portable emergency stock. Then we work out the interaction with the search and rescue service, give light signals and evacuate aboard the rescuers.

A “short” training consists in time limits for the actions performed, in connection with the detection of a hypothetical “leak” in the descent apparatus through which water enters.

Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev transferred the Victory Banner to the Cosmonautics Museum (video)

Копию Знамени Победы, побывавшую в космосе передадут Музею космонавтики (фото)

С Днем Победы!

Герой РФ, летчик-космонавт Олег Артемьев в день парада Победы передаст в фонды московского Музея космонавтики копию Знамени Победы, которая находилась вместе с ним на борту Международной космической станции в 2018 году. Об этом сообщили в пресс-службе музея.

Как уточняется, трансляцию мероприятия можно будет посмотреть на странице Музея космонавтики в соцсети «ВКонтакте» в 12:00 в среду, 24 июня. Ее проведут в рамках проекта «Знамя Победы на земле, в небе и в космосе».

— В день проведения парада на Красной площади в честь 75-летия Победы над фашистскими захватчиками я решил подарить музею копию Знамени Победы, которая была с нами на Международной космической станции. В 2018 году мы с Антоном Шкаплеровым разворачивали это знамя в День Победы во время приветствия ветеранов и жителей нашей страны и всего мира. Я думаю, что оно займет свое почетное место среди экспонатов музея, — отметил Артемьев.

Он пояснил, что перед полетом на МКС экипаж выбирает два праздника, которые будет отмечать в космосе. Выбор одного предлагается американской стороне, выбор второго — российской. В результате космонавт провел в полете периоды с 26 марта по 11 сентября 2014 года и с 21 марта по 4 октября 2018 года.

РФ выбрала для празднования в космосе День Победы, а США — День независимости, 4 июля.

Космонавт Артемьев в честь праздника расскажет о работе на МКС, о боевом пути своего отца Александра Лавейкина и поздравит россиян с Великой Победой.

Источник: Газета «Вечерняя Москва»

Breakfast before EVA (video HD)

Cities of the World — Mumbai, India (photo)

Cities of the World — Mumbai, India
Cities of the World — Mumbai, India

Mumbai is a city in the west of India, on the coast of the Arabian Sea.

And according to tradition, some interesting facts about this city:

✅ In terms of population density (21,665 people/km²), the city ranks second in the world after Manila (the capital of the Philippines);

✅ Mumbai is located at the mouth of the Ulhas River, occupying the islands of Bombay, Salsett and the adjacent coast;

✅ Most of Mumbai is located at altitudes of 10 to 15 meters above sea level. The northern part of Mumbai is hilly, the highest point of the city is located at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level;

✅ Archaeological finds in northern Mumbai indicate that these islands were inhabited as early as the Stone Age;

✅ The most popular sport in the city is cricket;

✅ Mumbai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in India. The city coexists European and Asian cultural traditions. There are many holidays and festivals of various ethnic groups and religions. The population of the city takes a wide part in them, often regardless of religion;

✅ The name of the city of Mumbai comes from “Mumb” – the name of the local Hindu goddess Mumba Devi, and ai, which means “mother” in Marathi;
✅ Mumbai is one of the largest economic centers of the country. About 10% of all workers in the country work in this city;

✅ Mumbai is the main center of the entertainment industry. The Indian Film Industry Center, known to everyone as Bollywood, is located here.

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Mumbai, India 1 (22 downloads)
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Mexico (photo)

Welcome to Mexico, the largest Hispanic country in the world!

Ciudad Juarez


Dell City


Interesting facts about this country that you probably did not know:

  1. The first people appeared on the territory of modern Mexico at least by the XX millennium BC. In ancient times, Mexico was inhabited by many powerful tribes, the most famous of which are the Aztecs and Mayans;
  2. Mexico holds the championship in the number of reptiles living on its territory – 707 species;
  3. One of the oldest trees – “Arbol de Tul”, grows in Mexico (its history began 2 thousand years ago);
  4. Mexico gave the world chocolate, chili and corn. Corn is considered a universal product here – it is eaten raw, boiled, grilled, made from it cakes, stew, yogurt and even corn ice cream with pieces of corn;
  5. In the city of Guanajuato there is a museum of mummies, numbering 111 exhibits;
  6. There are 10 archaeological parks in Mexico City. One of them was built around the Aztec pyramid, built in the XIV century;
  7. Mexico – the birthplace of a very rare tailless rabbit (or “volcanic rabbit”), which lives next to Mexican volcanoes;
  8. Chihuahua dogs got their name in honor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where this species was first discovered in the middle of the XIX century;
  9. Slightly more than 77% of the species of cacti growing in Mexico are endemic – they cannot be found in any other corner of the world;
  10. Mexico – is the largest silver producer in the world.

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Mexico - Ciudad Juarez City (26 downloads)
MexicoMexico - Dell City City (24 downloads)
Mexico (27 downloads)

Training film “Godsend?” about Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev (video)

Training film “A gift of fate?” about work in space, filmed during the period of self-isolation in the spring of 2020.

Film author: Anastasia Vetoshkina, graduate of the Faculty of Journalism.