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May 27 was the Russian Library Day (photo)

27 мая был общероссийский День Библиотек

May 27 was the Russian Library Day. At station there is a small library, collected over 14 years of flight by different crews. There are artistic and technical literature, as well as have a large digital library that can be read on the iPAD

Hot meeting weightlessness indicators (photo)

Горячая встреча индикаторов невесомости

The Hatch Opening of the Soyuz TMA-13M, meeting the new crew and the first press conference (photo)

Открытие люка Союз ТМА-13М, прибытие нового экипажа и первая конференция

First moments of the hatch opening First flies Alex Gerst, Second Reid… … and finally appears Maxim Suraev Also the Soyuz brought food, experiments and parcels. Hot Embraces Press Conference with the leaders and families members. Photo ISS expedition 40. Flags of the countries, whose representatives are onboard. Hoisting the Flag of Germany.

New 40th season of ISS Space Travel (photo)

Новый 40-й сезон космического путешествия МКС

BAIKONUR, May 29 /ITAR-TASS/. Russia’s manned spacecraft Soyuz TMA-13M has successfully docked with the International Space Station. “The ship docked with the Rassvet module (MIM-1) in automatic mode at 05:44, Moscow time,” a Baikonur space port official told Itar-Tass. The ship is piloted by Maxim Surayev. He and his colleagues – NASA astronaut Gregory Wiseman, […]

May 28, Day of the Border Guards on ISS (photo)

28 мая - День Пограничника на МКС

The ISS crew congratulates all Border Guards with their professional holiday! Holiday breakfast on the Day of the Border Guard and the arrival of a new crew to the ISS.

Previous 39th season of ISS Space Travel (photo)

Предыдущий 39-й сезон космического путешествия МКС

Medical control – Measurement of Shin Volume (photo)

Медицинский контроль - ИЗОГ

Measurement of shin volume – control of shin muscles changes from space flight factors. There is a device (Environmental Health System (EHS) – Acoustic Dosimeter) on a belt for American noise control near the astronaut experiment. Measurements are being made one day.

Work on ISS. Replacement of dust filters in SO (photo)

Работа на МКС. Замена пылефильтров в СО

Replacement of dust filters in a Docking Compartment, as well it is a gateway for an exit in space.

VEG-01 Experiment. Regular news from the greenhouse (photo)

Эксперимент VEG-01. Очередные новости из оранжереи

We continue the reporting from our greenhouse. May 26 Third tiny salad is surviving…

Signs on ISS. Fire Port. (photo)

Таблички на МКС. Пожарный порт.

We’re continuing to study Signs on ISS. One of the plurality fire ports. Port designed to extinguish the space behind the panels. This port, (see to the label) situated at the entrance to Columbus modulus.

Masquerade mask from the Caroline Islands (photo)

Маскарадная маска из Каролинских островов

The Nomoi Islands, also known as Mortlock Islands, are a group of three large atolls in the state of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia. Satawan, the southern atoll, is the largest. Both Etal, the northern one, and Lukunor in the northeast are much smaller. They are located between 9 and 6 km apart from each […]

Space shampoos (photo)

Космические шампуни

Space shampoos: russian “Aelita” & american “No Rinse” detail

General cleaning MRM1 module before the arrival of the new ship (photo)

Генеральная уборка модуля МИМ1 перед приходом нового корабля

General cleaning MRM1 module before the arrival of the new ship.

ISS 39 crew (photo)

39-й экипаж МКС

Before arrival of the Exp40 on ISS we submit you some photos with full Exp39. Oleg Artemyev with the commander of the 39th crew of ISS Koichi Vakata Koichi Wakata, Mikhail Tyurin, Rick Mastracchio, Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev, Steven Swanson

Southern Patagonia Ice Field (South America) (photo)

Ледники Южной Америки

Southern Patagonia Ice Field. Argentina and Chile Border. In the foreground are seen the state of the Earth’s climate sensors.

Flight Director/ISS CREW CONFERENCE (photo)

Конференция между руководителем полета и экипажем МКС

Flight Director/ISS CREW CONFERENCE This is a Weekly Conference Between the ISS Crew and the Flight Director.

Stairway to Earth (photo)

Лестница на Землю

VEG-1 experiment continues (photo)

а салат подрастает...

VEG-1 experiment continues… Growing salad… From six only two well grow, the others lag behind…

Celebrating the Birthday of Maxim Suraev (photo)

Празднование Дня Рождения Максима Сураева

Yesterday, May 25 Maxim Surayev had a Birthday. The ISS crew too congratulated him. We are ready to meet the new crew…

The Pyrenees (photo)


The Pyrenees is a range of mountains in southwest Europe that forms a natural border between France and Spain.

May 23, 1966 – Date of birth of Russian Civil Cosmonauts Squad of CKBEM

Дата рождения Отряда гражданских космонавтов ЦКБЭМ

Work on ISS. Distribution and water heating unit repairing works. (photo)

Ремонтно-восстановительные работы блока раздачи и подогрева воды

Salomon Atoll is a small atoll of the Chagos Archipelago (photo)

Часть ахипелага Чагос - атолл Саломон

The Salomon Islands or Salomon Atoll is a small atoll of the Chagos Archipelago The Chagos Archipelago is a group of seven atolls comprising more than 60 individual tropical islands in the Indian Ocean; situated some 500 kilometres (310 mi) due south of the Maldives archipelago.

Work on ISS. The Dust Filters Replacing on MRM-1 (photo)

Замена пылефильтров в МИМ1

MRM-1 – Mini-Research Module “Rassvet”.  About “Rassvet” >>

Work on ISS. Adjustment a belt tension in BD2 Treadmill (фото)

Регулировка натяжение ремня в беговой дорожке БД2

The whole world in hands! (photo)

Весь Мир в руках!

Work on ISS. Downloading biowaste to the “Progress” cargo ship. (photo)

Закачка Прогресса отходами жизнедеятельности

Our main Kamchatka volcanoes (photo)

Наши главные камчатские вулканы

Klyuchevskoy, Kamen and Ushkovsky volcanoes. Klyuchevskoy volcano is the highest of active volcanoes of Eurasia, one of the most active and powerful. This is the main volcano Kachatka and the Kuril Islands.

Bosphorus & Istanbul (photo)

Пролив Босфор и Стамбул

The Bosphorus is a strait that forms part of the boundary between Europe and Asia. The Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles strait to the southwest together form the Turkish Straits. The world’s narrowest strait used for international navigation, the Bosporus connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara (which is connected […]

Signs on ISS. Rescue Boats (photo)

Таблички на МКС. Спасательные шлюпки.

Frequently asked question about the meaning of various signs on the ISS. I’m starting a new rubrics with photos of signs. The sign with the directions on the Rescue boats. Glows in the dark.