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One of the volcanoes of the Kuril Islands (photo)

Дымит Курильский вулкан

One of the volcanoes of the Kuril Islands.

Tyatya Volcano, Kunashir Island (photo)

Вулкан Тятя, остров Кунашир

Tyatya is a volcano located in the northeastern part of Kunashir Island, Kuril Islands, Russia. It is the highest peak on the island with an elevation of 1,819 metres (5,968 ft). Tyatya is one of the finest examples anywhere in the world of a somma volcano, a stratovolcano whose summit has collapsed to form a […]

Krenitsyn Volcano. Kuril Islands (photo)

Вулкан Крени́цына. Курильские острова

Alaid Volcano. Kuril Islands (photo)

Вулкан Алаид на острове Атласова Большой Курильской гряды

Alaid is the tallest and northernmost volcano in the Kurile Islands. The symmetrical stratovolcano rises 3000 m from the sea floor and forms a small island. It has a 1.5-km-wide summit crater breached to the south. It is one of the Kuriles’ most active volcanoes. Large explosive eruptions occurred in 1790 and 1981, and were […]