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Роскосмос Энергия

Cities in Russia — Moscow, the Capital of our Country at Night (photo)

Moscow is easily recognizable from a photo taken on board the ISS, since it has a radial-beam layout of the city.

The city consists of several streets and rings running from the center (3 transport – MKAD, Sadovoe, 3rd transport, as well as the Boulevard Ring).

The Moscow metro is built on the same principle – the Circle Line and the Moscow Central Circle have stations for transferring to radial lines that connect the center of Moscow with the outskirts.

You can endlessly talk about the incredible number of city attractions. Many places and buildings are unique and world famous!

Therefore, maybe you – residents and guests of the capital – tell us about your favorite places in Moscow?

Download big pictures:

Moscow at Night 1 (1247 downloads )
Moscow at Night 2 (1278 downloads )
Moscow at Night 3 (1274 downloads )