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One of the most beautiful places on planet Earth – Altai (photo)

One of the most beautiful places on planet Earth - Altai

Let’s get to know some of the sights of Altai:

  • Mount Belukha is the main among all the natural attractions of the Altai Mountains. This is the highest peak in Altai – 4509 m above sea level. Located on the Katunsky ridge.
  • Katun is the main river in Altai. The source of the river is located on the slope of the highest mountain in the region – Belukha. Then Katun is poured throughout the region, passing through the territory of the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic.
  • Teletskoye Lake is the largest in Altai. Its area is 223 km2, and the depth reaches 325 meters. The lake contains a large supply of clean fresh water, and its transparency reaches 14 meters in depth. – Small (about 30 m in diameter), but colorful Geyser lake. Geysers come out in the middle of it, and with them blue silt rises to the surface from the bottom. Thanks to this, the water acquires an unusual blue tint.
  • One of the most famous, beautiful and ancient roads – Chuysky tract – is also located here. It is one of the top 10 most beautiful roads in the world according to National Geographic.
  • The Ak-Kurum stone mushrooms are high cliffs that stand alone on the slopes of mountain ranges in the Karasuk river valley. Ak-Kurum means “white scree” – huge boulders resulting from weathering of rocks.
  • The Chulyshman River Valley is one of the pearls of the Altai Mountains; from the top of the nearly 900-meter mountain, a breathtaking view of the Chulyshman River valley opens.
  • The valley along the Karakol River is one of the most sacred places in Altai. In this small area (the length of the valley is only 3 km) there is the largest number of mounds, ancient sacrificial altars and stone slabs, as well as rock paintings. Moreover, it was here that for the first time in Altai, multi-colored petroglyphs made with the help of mineral paints of white, black and red colors were found.
  • The seven Aktru glaciers occupy about 16 km2, and their slopes have an interesting feature: the northern sides are much steeper than the southern ones.

You can’t tell about all the amazing places of Altai in one post, it is no coincidence that it is called the real place of power of our country, which everyone should visit at least once – endless plains, snowy peaks, clear lakes and incredible landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent.

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