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Cities of the World — Mumbai, India (photo)

Cities of the World — Mumbai, India
Cities of the World — Mumbai, India

Mumbai is a city in the west of India, on the coast of the Arabian Sea.

And according to tradition, some interesting facts about this city:

✅ In terms of population density (21,665 people/km²), the city ranks second in the world after Manila (the capital of the Philippines);

✅ Mumbai is located at the mouth of the Ulhas River, occupying the islands of Bombay, Salsett and the adjacent coast;

✅ Most of Mumbai is located at altitudes of 10 to 15 meters above sea level. The northern part of Mumbai is hilly, the highest point of the city is located at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level;

✅ Archaeological finds in northern Mumbai indicate that these islands were inhabited as early as the Stone Age;

✅ The most popular sport in the city is cricket;

✅ Mumbai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in India. The city coexists European and Asian cultural traditions. There are many holidays and festivals of various ethnic groups and religions. The population of the city takes a wide part in them, often regardless of religion;

✅ The name of the city of Mumbai comes from “Mumb” – the name of the local Hindu goddess Mumba Devi, and ai, which means “mother” in Marathi;
✅ Mumbai is one of the largest economic centers of the country. About 10% of all workers in the country work in this city;

✅ Mumbai is the main center of the entertainment industry. The Indian Film Industry Center, known to everyone as Bollywood, is located here.

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