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SPHERES – Zero Robotics Experiment (photo)

Collaboration pulls together – Selfie with Reid Wiseman and Spheres, during a joint Experiment “SPHERES – Zero Robotics”

SPHERES – Zero Robotics Experiment

I’m with Reid Wiseman during the “SPHERES – Zero Robotics” experiment”.

SPHERES – Zero Robotics ExperimentSPHERES – Zero Robotics Experiment

SPHERES – Zero Robotics Test [SPHERES stands for Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites and involves two satellites that are used inside the space station to provide a miniature testbed to study maneuvering capabilities and spacecraft measurement systems. Students developed the sequences that the two bowling-ball sized microsatellites were put through. These two small satellites are used to study maneuvers in space in miniature inside the ISS.]