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Work in american segment ISS. Software installation on a remote control laptop. (photo, video)

Software installation on a remote control laptop.

Why I in a cap? The module ventilation very strongly blows. I strongly froze and was afraid that I will fall ill.

Работы на американском сегментеWork in american segment ISS

In addition about a cap, I suggest to remember anniversary of the history which has happened at Salyut station:

Heroes of the Freeze Station (rus)

In winter 1985 there occurred an accident on board a temporarily uninhabited orbital complex Salut-7. The station stopped responding to ground centres commands. Rescuing spacecraft Soyuz T-13 made for the orbit in order to clarify the situation.

Cosmonauts Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Viktor Savinykh were to face the nearly impossible goal that is to restore Saluts operation. The expedition to the deadly still station went down in world cosmonautics history as a striking example of heroism multiplied by expertise. These days space pilot and twice awarded Hero of the Soviet Union Viktor Savinykh is celebrating his 70th birthday.